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Maintain the systems that keep you safe, living in an underground bunker as you survive the horrors outside, and within.

This prototype game was made over four weeks as part of an assignment to make a horror game for Dawson College's Independent Video Game Design program.

Install Instructions

1. Download the windows or mac build.
2. Locate the .zip you've downloaded and extract it.
3. Inside of the "On Ones Own" folder, double-click the OnOnesOwn.exe, enjoy!
4. If you get a "Windows Protected your PC" screen, click "More Info", and then click "Run Anyway".


The controls are also available in game!

Keyboard + Mouse

Navigate menus
Enter: Confirm selection
Left-Click Mouse: Confirm selection

WASD: Move Character
F: Flashlight
Tab: Bunker Manual
Escape: Pause
Left-Click Mouse: Interact




  • Juan Osorio


  • Carl Boisvert
  • Damien Mojzak
  • Émeric Coudé


  • Charles-Antoine Solis
  • Damien Mojzak
  • Emma Khoury
  • Émeric Coudé
  • Juan Osorio

Animations from mixamo.com


  • Carl Boisvert
  • Charles-Antoine Solis
  • Émeric Coudé


  • Charles-Antoine Solis
  • Damien Mojzak

Unity Asset Store

  • Soundbits - Mangled Screams (Free)
  • Anthon - Horror Elements


  • Chopin - Nocturne in E flat major Op.9 No.2 (performed by Franck Levy)
  • Chopin - Waltz in A minor B. 150 (performed by Aya Higuchi)


  • Damien Mojzak          as      Radio Broadcaster
  • Nicolas Blanchette     as                           Voices


  • Juan Osorio


  • Damien Mojzak


  • Alexandre Manwell
  • Emilia Matute
  • Louis-Philippe Goudreau


Download NowName your own price

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OnOnesOwn_v1.03_WINx64.zip 426 MB
OnOnesOwn_v1.03_Mac.zip 445 MB

Development log


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(2 edits) (+1)

The game is great so far, but I cannot finish it - now I fell in soft-lock a couple of times -

in the first try it came after repowering electricity

then a few times just at the beginning (no hint to look for the manual, I could pick it, but then nothing happened, there was no alarm for the water filter

Once I reached the point after putting in the first security code, then it went along,

but after putting in the second code,  there was a huge white hole in the living room and I "fell in" and then the charakters body was fully surrounded by white screen.

I tried it again, but than it happened again after putting in the first code...

Edit 15 min later:

ok, I closed entirely - before I did not - and it went until end ... but I let my  experiance here so that You have an overview about formerly unknown issues

GREAT ATMOSPHERE! Imagine You were in such a situation in Real Life, not getting what is actually happening, creepy noises and voices and too dark to really get Your way... or maybe it is a nightmare or one is really in the bunker and is getting mad after a long time under the earth alone - althoug it is a shelter for two - and without daylight

Thanks for playing! Sorry you encountered these issues. Those seem really odd I haven't seen them before. Glad you were able to experience it fully by restarting the game :)


This was such a creepy vibe lmao


pretty darn fun

This game was awesome. Maybe you could make a sequel or another one in the same style.


THIS GAME HAD MY ARMPITS MADDDD SWEATY LOL. It was so goold and SCARRYYY y'all did a good job with this game. I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did playing the game! Thank you for your time! :) The Game Play :)


Scary game, especially the unsettling sound design! The atmosphere was very well done and I loved the idea of scribbling on the manual as the story progressed. Also, I don't know if this is intentional but the use of 4 as a number for death was very clever for the code. Thanks for sharing this game with the world! 

On One's Own Playthrough


Really scary. i love the fact that we almost didn't see anything but the atmosphere was so well done that it was crepy af. Nice work, loved the concept of using the manual to guide the player too.

(1 edit) (+3)

Cool game. I found and documented some bugs in my YouTube video but otherwise, I had an enjoyable time playing this on stream. The visuals and level design were very satisfying to look at and the option to change the quality to PS1 was a good touch. I love the look of the "INTERAGENCY" poster too; I hope the red guy shows up in a game. :)

Sorry that you ran into the soft-lock, it was a known issue and luckily, restarting the game usually fixes it.

Interagency is actually the game we made before On One's Own. It's an FPS where you play an multi-dimensional agent chasing the galactic boogieman (red guy in the poster!) You can check it out here: https://beatbeat.itch.io/interagency

I'm so glad he exists! I didn't do any research so I am glad to hear that, as I'd hoped, the game exists. I will definitely play it as soon as I can!

(1 edit) (+2)

This game is SCARY! So glad I found it! Great Job everyone! Hope you like the video & subscribe! 


this was awesome


suuuper dope concept. Happy I caught this one. It’s the second game!


This was AMAZING! I almost couldn't believe that it was a free indie game! I don't have enough words to describe just how great this game is.  Absolutely spectacular! If you want a more in depth review, please check out my video and if you enjoy it, please consider supporting the channel by subscribing. It would mean the world! Make sure you guys check this game out, you wont regret it!!!!

dam..what a cool game to play and record shoutout to the game creaters!


The New Hire, On One's Own, The Man from the Window | (3 Random Horror Games)

Game was so amazing this was a 10/10 in my book I freaking love this I can’t wait to play more of your games in the future keep up the good work you my friend is truly amazing and also all the people that help you with this game as well 🤩👍🏾💯

Excellently crafted experience. Really liked the puzzles and the horror was superb, in the end of the game I had goose bumps the entire time. The bunker was very believable as well, especially the design of the manual. Congrats to everyone who worked on this project!


Thanks a lot! We really had fun doing it and we’re super glad you enjoyed it! :)


That was really interesting and long necked!


Imma be honest, this shit had my bootyhole puckered damn near from start to finish lol BrafreakinVO, tremendous job on the intensity and pace, genuinely felt like I couldn't breath a couple times! I know I get scared at everything so my opinion certainly isn't end all be all but I absolutely loved what you did with this game and found it to be quite the experience. Everyone over there at this studio should be proud of this one and if this game is an indication of what you guys are capable of, I absolutely CAN NOT wait for future projects! Long post but definitely had to show you guys love

Stay Safe and Stay Positive 

Much Love 



'On One's Own' is an intriguing title, to begin with. After playing, I can confidently say this is my favorite indie horror game! The overall environment of the bunker is eerie and strange. I immediately felt uneasy and anticipated something to happen. The concept of maintaining the systems to keep you safe is genius. I always enjoy interactive horror games.

😊 The game itself was enjoyable. The graphics were sharp and detailed with texture. The binaural audio made it seem like I was actually in the bunker. I had no issues with the controls or mouse sensitivity. In terms of jump scares, there were quite a few. I had the game audio fairly loud, so I was caught off guard once or twice. Simple things like the radio going off were subtle attributes, good enough to give you a scare. That goes to show how far sound itself can take you. I loved the ending and length of the game. 10/10, I would definitely recommend it! I hope to see more from this developer. This crushed my expectation for a four-week school project. I am also a classical musician, so that is an extra point from me (for the music). ^-^


Good puzzle/horror game. It would be interesting if there were some notes that would give a background to what is happening in the bunker both outside and inside. An interesting idea for the game. Anyway, good game. Congratulations to those involved.



My reaction⬆️⬆️

Definitely enjoyed this game gave me some good jump-scares recommend 💯% 10/10👍🏽


This was very entertaining! I enjoyed the idea of rushing off to fixing things, and then sometimes two things were wrong. The jumpscare at the end though, very good. Took me a little while to figure out, how to get out.


This was pretty good for it being a school project! I hope to see more complex games from you in the future. I give some more in-depth feedback in the video but overall, it's not bad at all!

Thanks for making games!


respect to grim.


Really good concept for an indie game. I have played it on my channel


This is a really nice game! I like the idea, it was really interesting and fun to play and it has a creepy atmosphere. Really liked the sounds! Good job (: 


This has been a very entertaining (and terrifying) experience! I love the atmosphere and how it seems I may be slowly losing my mind... that or the creepies and crawlies are real. Not sure which outcome is more scary.


Simple yet excellent. Good environmental and sound horror design instead of cheap jump scares.


Good game


Loved this game!!

Loved this game! Played and put on my channel :)


Nice game really enjoyed it!
(1 edit) (+3)

A pretty decent horror game about maintaining critical bunker systems. Playtime is around 10-15 minutes.

My playthrough:


My thoughts on the game:

  • The game doesn't really explain why you're in the bunker in the first place.
  • I really liked the mechanics of the game, I think they're really nice and for a bunker idea very good!
  • A little unfortunate how you have to replace water filters every 5 minutes in this sort of bunker, it would've made a little more sense if maybe there was a window into the water purifier or something, and instead of water, there would be a bunch of blood - explaining the weird issue.
  • Is there a story to this game? All I figured is that the place has a mind of it's own and it's trying to help you not die by the monsters but keeps you inside because it doesn't want you gone. I wish it was a little more obvious in-game, since usually small horror games like this go by random occurrences.
  • It isn't really clear where the air filter or safe area is, I kind of got confused at that part. If they were sectioned in different rooms, like for example a small extra room to the storage and power room, which will show up in the map as "Safety room" or "Air quality room" it would've been way more clear.

Overall, a really nice short horror game that definitely gave me the spooks!


Hi there, I am a Skilled Game Tester and a very small YouTuber focusing on Indie Games, I have taken a look at your game and here is an energetic fun Gameplay Video with some feedback:

I would ask you to join to my YouTube channel and subscribing for maybe more content that would benefit you, and because this also motivates me to keep doing what I am doing in order to help and support indie games and developers alike, here is some notes that might be of a help for this game or future projects:

♦ Game Idea: The idea of the game is great, I love how you have made the envirement change after focsuing on maintaining the bunker or trying to! Such a good horror game, well done!

♦ Gameplay: There are some good aspects of the game, for example; the falshlight not responding in certain places, that was scary! Other aspects of the game need a second look, there are places where they are super dark and you literally can not see anything, I am talking about the section that is closer to the ending, where all things start to change! (It took me aound 10 min to find the control panel for the exit, I took off that from the video by the way)

♦ Story: Great start for the story, although I must say there is very little focus on the storyline, would have been nice to find some other hidden messages like small notes and short journels!

♦ Artwork: The desgin of the game is nice, some textures were missing; I have included one in the video to take a look at, towards the starcase in the end... Was wondering about the first exit door at the very start, I felt the door is either tiny or I am a big person haha

♦ Audio: Great work with the audio design, those whispers and sound effects are fantastic! Even the radio has that limited range which adds to the whole game! The nice work on the audio gave the Radio a character in the game and it felt as an important item for the first half of the Gameplay.

♦ Bugs & Constructive Criticism: I believe what I have mentioned above is the important parts so far! Maybe I have missed a bug, but can't remember if there is anything additional worth mentioning (You might find otherwise when watching the video, not sure)

♦ Things to Double Down on: I know you guys have made this project for college, but I believe you have a good solid approach towards making horror games! Keep it up and best of luck!


Wow, thanks for all the feedback, I appreciate the time you put into writing it! I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as we had a great time making it!

It is a very nice well done game! Best of luck for your future projects guys!


This was an absolute treat to play. The atmosphere from the jump was tense, the constantly changing environment was well done and the ending was fantastic too. Good Job *****

The atmosphere was AMAZING man @Grim keep it up mane cant wait to play more games from you 

Here is my gameplay if you want to check it out!

This is the most scared I've ever been by a game. 10/10 truly

Oh yeah. This was a good one. Really, really nice work on it! The atmosphere, gameplay loop, and sound design was all superb. Thanks for sharing this with us!



what a really cool horror game. it was legit scary and it scared random noises right out of me. I’m posting 2-3 under 5 minute funny moments and reaction compilations a day. I’m working really hard to make this my career so please at least consider subscribing. But a watch is just fine to

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